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Updates! アップデート

Praise the Lord everyone. 皆さん主をほめたたえます。

The conference is next week!! Are you excited?? もう大会が来週に迫ってますね!

① This weekend's rehearsals will be recorded & uploaded/livestreamed, so you will get a chance to see the flow even if you're unable to attend.

Please note the flow of the songs below.



Download PDF • 1.39MB

② Due to the limited space on stage, we will have to assign everyone to a set so that we are not all squished on stage. We hope you understand. ステージ上でのスペースがあまりないため、参加できるセットを分けます。ご了承ください。

Please note that if at any point you want to leave the worship to focus on the service and prayer, please feel free to do so.


Please note the worship schedule below. 以下が賛美のスケジュールになります。

Download PDF • 642KB

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