Let us work together to put our resources together

in order to fulfull the mandate that God has given to TWT.

There are many projects and plans ahead of us, and it all begins here.

TWT is a growing church, with a mandate from God to fulfill. In order to do that we must grow - in numbers, spiritually, and in our activities. We believe that there is more the Lord has in store for the church and the people of Japan.

While we are so blessed and thankful to God for our current facility, we are limited in what we can do in this place. Our goal is that as our contract ends in 2 years, God will have elevated us so that we can acquire our own land/property to set in motion the many projects that we feel God is leading us to start, for example a prayer center, an educational facility, a youth center, conference and training camps to train more workers for the harvest in Japan.

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