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We have put together a variety of guides, study materials and resources to help you on your journey as a maturing believer. 


Monthly Prayer Points (English & 日本語)

These prayer points, put together according to TWT's theme of the month, will help you to stay focused as you pray and fast.

Bible Reading Guide (English & 日本語)

A guide to help you read through the entire Bible in one year.

Fasting & Prayer Guide (English | 日本語)


Who is Jesus? (English & 日本語)

A simple explanation of who Jesus Christ is.

Why Speak in Tongues? (English & 日本語) 

What does it mean to speak in tongues? Why is it important to speak in tongues? This booklet provides a simple explanation.

A breakdown of fasting and prayer.

Simple Prayer Clock (English | 日本語)

Are you new to prayer? Do you find it difficult to pray for long? Use this simple prayer clock to guide you to pray for at least one hour. 

Daily Prayer Guide (English & 日本語)

Build up your prayer routine with this detailed daily prayer guide.

The Tabernacle Prayer (English / 日本語 / Tagalog)

For a deeper and more effective prayer experience, build your prayer around the Tabernacle.

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