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God has done many wonderful things at TWT. People have been healed of diseases, found jobs, received financial blessings, and even had their visa status changed! Here are just a few of the many testimonies.


My brother in Saudi Arabia was in a coma for almost 24 hours. He had inhaled dangerous chemicals while working, and he collapsed. All the members in our church in the Philippines, as well as Pastor and Sister Datsomor prayed for him. We waited and kept praying, but nothing was happening. One day I was walking on my way home and I called my prayer partners so that we can pray one more time. We all prayed earnestly for about 30 minutes as we all felt the strong presence of God. A few minutes after that I received a call that my brother had woken up from the coma.


Evelyn Deleon


I was attending church regularly when my family found out that my 2 year old daughter has stage 4 ovarian cancer. I prayed to the rosary 3 times a day, and I also read the bible and was amazed at how Jesus Christ performed many miracles in the new testament. My faith became stronger and I continued to believe that God, the father and his son Jesus will heal my daughter just like He did in the bible.

Meanwhile, many of my friends were asking me to visit their churches - I was aware that there are different beliefs, and I asked God “Why are there so many different beliefs? What is the truth?” I visited different churches but there was only one church where I felt God's presence, and that was TWT.

There was a conference going on when I first visited TWT, and I cried when the guest preacher shared a message about God’s miracle healing. God had a message for me, and my heart was beating really fast and I almost broke down when I turned and saw the scripture that was framed on the wall next to me: You will not die but live and proclaim the works of the Lord - Psalm 118:17. God was telling me that "your daughter will not die but live to proclaim the works of the Lord."

God revealed things to me every time I attended service. He answered questions that I had and healed me from spiritual blindness. And for my 30th birthday, He gave me the best gift - I was filled with the Holy Spirit and was baptized in the precious name of Jesus. I received spiritual healing and my daughter received physical healing: she is now cancer free! He is our great healer!

Diane Cantos Miyamoto


I feel the presence of God at TWT, because the Holy Ghost is in the church. I have been to several churches but it is different. Even before the service finishes you’ll be cleansed - your spirit will be renewed. Sometimes when I am irritated at home or at work, I unknowingly commit sin. So I really look forward to Sundays because I know that at the altar call I will be blessed and I can go home as a changed person. I am so thankful that God brought me here.


Yurika Miki

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