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Welcome everyone! God has given us another opportunity to come together as a nation and worship Him! 皆さん、ようこそ!神は、私たちが国民として集まり、神を賛美する機会をまた与えてくださいました!

On this blog you will find all the information you will need regarding the JUPC General Conference 2023 and Youth Conference 2023 worship. The same information will be posted on the Facebook Group, but I know some people may not have Facebook so that is why this is here.


This is the schedule for this year's conference:


5.3.2023 (Wed/水) 6:00pm~8:30pm - Ordination/Vision Service 按手礼受任式・ヴィジョン礼拝

5.4.2023 (Thu/木) 3:00pm~5:00pm - Evangelistic Service 伝道礼拝

7:00pm~8:30pm - Youth Service ユース礼拝

5.5.2023 (Fri/金) 10:00am~12:00pm - Teaching Session 聖書の教え 3:00pm~5:00pm - Evangelistic Service 伝道礼拝

7:00pm~8:30pm - Youth Service ユース礼拝

5.6.2023 (Sat/土) 9:30am~11:30am - Missions Service 伝道礼拝

1:00pm~3:00pm - Youth Service ユース礼拝

Please comment on this post to let me know which services/dates that you will be available.

Example: Linda - May 4 evening service ~ May 6 morning service


例:リンダ - 5月4日夜礼拝~5月6日朝礼拝

Thank you!

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